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Hand-Loomed Uzbek Silk Ikat Dbl Sided Pillow, lined with zipper. 80% Silk, 20% Cotton, Care: Dry Clean - 19.5 x 19.5" Size may vary slightly, and 10% down/90% feather insert made in USA. Color: Brown Red Blue on Grey

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From desert oases….feel the luxury of an artisanal, silk ikat pillow.

Relish our custom, Uzbek, Hand Loomed Silk Ikat Pillow.  Knife edge, fully lined in cotton with zipper. 80% Silk/20% Cotton. Made of imported and domestic materials.  Assembled in Los Angeles, CA.   Care: Dry Clean.   10% down/90% feather insert made also made in Los Angeles, CA.  Size may vary slightly with no two pillows exactly alike with characteristic, beautiful imperfections of hand made art.

Support the revival of  traditional Uzbek textiles after the fall of the former Soviet Union, which had suppressed indigenous art.  Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta is credited with helping to revitalize the art by using silk velvet ikat in his clothing.  See article “Masters Weave Ikat Fabric Rich in Uzbek Culture”

Ikat is a style of weaving that uses a resist dye process. Then, the threads are handwoven to create exquisite patterns and designs. Ikats have been woven in cultures all over the world. In the 19th century, the Silk Road desert oases of Bukhara and Samarkand (in what is now Uzbekistan in Central Asia) were famous for their fine silk Ikats. Velvet Ikat fabric is woven through a process in which the silk threads have been meticulously coiled and looped by hand to create a plush, luxurious pile-like surface.

Ikat Symbols of status and prestige

Traditional Uzbek Ikats were symbols of status, wealth, power and prestige. In the oasis towns of Central Asia, a passerby could guess the rank and status of a man or woman by judging the clothes he or she wore.

Made by men – not women

Although most textile production in Central Asia was done by women or nomads, the weaving of Ikats was completely different. Urban men produced the Ikats, and each of the stages was performed by specialized craftsmen. Women did, however raise the mulberry worms and process the silk to sell in the bazaars.

Your piece is hand-woven in Uzbekistan in the traditional manner. These textiles exhibit the beautiful irregularities that are the hallmarks of authentic ikats.  Marea Qol is a L.A.-based woman-owned business. More about us:

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