Blue Sunflowers / Native Diamond Pattern 2-in-1

Hand-Embroidered Uzbek Silk Suzani on Front, Reverse in Hand-Loomed Silk Ikat Pillow, lined with zipper. 100% Silk Embroidery, on Silk/Cotton Ikat, (90% Silk/10% Cotton) Imported from Turkey. Assembled in USA. Care: Dry Clean - 20 x 20" Size may vary slightly, and 10% down/90% feather insert made in USA. Color: Blue Sunflowers on Cream, Reverse Blue and Cream Native Diamond pattern

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Decorate with Two Pillows in One!  Feel the luxury of our custom Uzbek Hand Embroidered Silk Suzani Pillow with Reverse in Gorgeous Hand-Loomed Silk Ikat.  Suzani one side and ikat the other!  Create a fresh new look by just turning the pillow over!  Lined in cotton with zipper. 100% Silk Embroidery, on Silk/Cotton Ikat, (80% Silk/20% Cotton)  Made of domestic and imported materials. Assembled in Los Angeles, CA. Care: Dry clean only. 10% down/90% feather insert made in Los Angeles, CA.  Size may vary slightly with no two pillows exactly alike with characteristic, beautiful, imperfections of hand made art. Fashion more beauty in your interior decor and help revive indigenous art after the fall of the former Soviet Union.    

Artisanal Hand Embroidered Silk Suzani Pillow

Suzani means “needle” in Farsi, and this word is used to describe the magnificent, often very large, embroideries from Central Asia, primarily Uzbekistan. In the 19th century, women from Uzbekistan embroidered fabulous hangings to separate the sleeping alcove or to decorate the yurt, bed and table covers, wrapping cloths and even prayer mats. This beautiful folk art is passed down from grandmother to granddaughter over the generations reflecting each woman’s unique style and skill.

Bridal Dowry Used on Her Wedding Night

The bride’s dowry for her wedding always included these Suzanis, as many of the symbols used were said to possess magic powers to ward off evil spirits. The bride was brought to the groom’s home hidden under her embroidered veil, and their bed was adorned with Suzani bedspreads and wall hangings. The natural dyes in our silks give the yarn a natural and high luster that is superior to that of chemical dyes.

Your modern silk suzani pillow is hand woven for resale but still meticulously crafted in the traditional manner using 100% silk. The reverse side may be silk Ikat made of 80% silk, 20% cotton. These textiles exhibit the beautiful irregularities that are the hallmarks of authentic Suzanis. Marea Qol is an L.A. based woman-owned business.  More about us:

Care: Dry clean only

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Embroidered Silk Suzani


20" x 20"




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